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About AReCO
Who We Are:

AReCO believes in a balance between economy and ecology.

AReCO is a grass roots organization and is separate from all other organizations. We began in June 1994, with just 26 members. Today AReCO represents over 1200 residents from 42 communities and the City of Park Ridge that are concerned about O’Hare.  There are many national organizations that are also members.

AReCO’s membership is diverse, and it includes people from all walks of life including the business and real-estate community, as well as employees of the airlines, including pilots from United and American. We represent some Chicago Air Traffic Controllers in safety/capacity matters. We are legislative aides, business owners and members of the real estate community, teachers, doctors and others concerned about not only O’Hare noise but its environmental and health problems.

Our concerns:
We citizens are concerned with the increase in incidents of noise, health, safety, environmental problems and; decreasing property values that more flights at O’Hare Airport will bring.

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    AReCO's Goals:

    • To achieve a balance between public health and O'Hare economics.
    • To reduce the number of flights to safer and healthier levels.
    • To have O'Hare adhere to a global nighttime curfew.
    • To work with the medical, educational, and environmental communities to bring change.
    • To work globally to foster change in the industry.
    • To seek permanent, meaningful relief.
    • To block any construction that will raise the number of flights at O'Hare.
    • To protect the health, safety and welfare of those affected.

    New Projects:

    AReCO has launched three major projects:

    1. To obtain compensation for property owners for loss of property value and loss of use of property.
    2. To lower the baseline threshold level of noise to accurately include the number of people who are seriously exposed to environmental hazards of O'Hare pollution (approx. 25+ mile radius).
    3. To obtain medical health benefits for problems caused by the airport and have legislation enacted that benefits the community rather than the industry.

    Some of AReCO’s Accomplishments:

    • Only non-NRDC office, of four, selected in nationwide as spokesperson of the release of their recent Airport Pollution Health Report.
    • Received Illinois Senate Recognition (1996, 1999) for our work in protecting the health and safety of millions of people around O’Hare.
    • Won major legal action, nationally, against O'Hare.
    • Founding member of the US-Citizens Aviation Watch Association, Inc.
    • Received 1995 Arlington Heights Environmental Merit Certificate.
    • 1996-98 Illinois host for International Noise Awareness Day.
    • Proved no real delays at O’Hare; proved state was for another runway.
    • Educating the public on the affects of O’Hare Airport overcrowding on our community.
    • Lobbying legislators for change and permanent, meaningful relief.
    • Lobbying for compensation for property owners.
    • Leading the crusade nationally to lower the noise contours to 55LDN, so people within a 30 mile radius of a busy airport, under flight paths, will be recognized to be in a high-impact zone -- for benefits/relief.
    • Working with the medical/educational community to bring change, regarding airport air and noise pollution.

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The 2005-2006 Alliance of Residents Concerning O’Hare Board of Directors:

Jack Saporito, Executive director - Arlington Heights

Denise Hepple, Secretary - Rolling Meadows
Alan Martin, Treasurer - Glen Ellen

Staci-lee Sherman, Legislative Director  - New York

George Flaherty, Funding Director - Mount Prospect

William Harder, Co-founder - Palatine
John Kieca - Arlington Heights
Charles Miller - Mount Prospect

AReCO is staffed by volunteers.  If you are interested in becoming a volunteer in your community, please email us at: or call: (630) 415-3370.

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