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Press Release, November 23, 1999



Debi Wagner, MAAP, 206/241-1553
John Cermak, MAAP, 847/506-0670
National PTA, 312/670-6782

(News Release responding to the National Parent Teachers Association
[PTA] Resolution and Position Statement: PROTECTION OF CHILDREN FROM HARMFUL
November 23, 1999

Mothers Laud PTA: Against Dangerous Aviation Pollution

Arlington Heights, IL-The National organization of Mothers Against Airport Pollution salutes the National PTA for their Resolution and Position Statement to protect our children against the serious and deadly airport and aircraft hazards that harm our children. We commend the National PTA for their insightful stand. Their position states clearly and unequivocally, holding true to one of the basic tenets of the PTA, that they are concerned about children and that they are concerned about children's environment and health. The PTA's members are to be lauded for helping to bring to national focus and concern, information regarding harmful effects of hazardous and toxic pollution caused by aviation operations that attack our children daily. This information is presently not widely available, and, as a result, many Americans are simply just not aware of the significantly harmful ramifications of modern airport and aircraft operations that appear to harm a large percentage of the population living even many miles from an airport or flight track. Officials write-off these effects as benign and acceptable. We disagree! We agree with the National PTA that our children must be protected. The National organization of Mothers Against Airport Pollution offers its unceasing support and assistance to the PTA in their efforts and demands on this issue.

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